About Mon Bébé

Mon Bébé Scented Water was born out of the wish to share a much loved tradition between mother and baby: for a very long time.Mothers in France have used oils and scents to calm and pacify their babies. Mon Bébé Scented Water is a beautiful blend of subtle fragranced tones of chamomile, mandarin and vanilla , which have a soothing and relaxing aroma. Mon Bébé contains natural plant extracts of cornflower, hawthorn and lime-tee which have been traditionally used to help babies sleep peacefully as well as relieve anxiety and soothe tummy aches.

Just spray a bit of fragrance on baby’s hair brush or on baby’s clothes to make baby smell lovely and special. Mon Bébé can also be used as a massaging lotion or as a room mist.

Mon Bébé Scented Water is a must-have in any yummy baby nursery and is also the perfect gift to celebrate a new baby, boys and girls 0-3, as well as the many other happy times of a little one's life such as christenings, Christmas and first birthdays.

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